Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Continue The "2 New Puppies"

The cute puppies:

I let them bite my finger. Ticklish a while and pain a while.......

Play again.........haiz........This is the last picture

Here's the end of the new puppies.

2 New Puppies

My grandfather gave 2 more puppies to my aunt. They are so cute, 1 is koko colour and another 1 is black colour. but it is so weird because the puppy's mother and father are koko colour. Only that puppy is black, others are koko colour. My grandfather sold a puppy to an Indian at the price of RM1000. It is so expensive but the Indian bought it. The 2 puppies are the 6 dogs' brothers. I'll like to share the pictures with you!!!

The puppies:

Haha........The puppies are playing.........

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The another 6 dogs.............

You have seen the 3 blackest dogs. Now I'll let you see the another 6 dogs.

Here they are:

Its name is boxer. It looks a little bit stupid, isn't it?

This dog call bebe. Is it like boxer's face? But it is so fierce........

This is mimi, the most beautiful dog among them.

This is coco. It felt jealous with mimi so it bite mimi many times before. Now it has become good.

This is browny. Its leg "tempang" already because got 1 time it sleeps under my aunt's car, my aunt wants to go out and she don't know it is under her car. So, its kaki being knock by the car.

This is baby. Its name is so weird and its very skinny, isn't it?

Monday, June 9, 2008

The DOGS......

My aunt rears 9 dogs at her house. Do you want to see their pictures? I'll give you see their pictures!!! But 3 blackest dog first.............

This is the blackest dog and it is also quite fierce. This is the picture when it was small. See here:

Its name is Cindy. Now it has become like this:This is another 2 dogs pictures, this pictures is taken when they are small: The dog on the left is call bell and the right side dog is call cursy. Are the names weird? The names are my cousin give one. Now they become like this:

This is bell.

This is cursy.

My Hens............

My youngest sister gave one of the hens a name--- Fei Fei(in chinese is mean fatty) Wanna see its picture?

Is it cute? Maybe it seems small to you but it is the type of Kampung Chicken. So its size is smaller than the chicken that are sold in the market.

Another hen:

This is my youngest sister one. She named it xiao bai (that means whitey). It s the most beautiful hen among the others.

The last one:

Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Chicks Have Become Chickens!!!

My 6 little chicks have become big chickens! I am very happy because they grow healthily and.......happily, I think so....... But I am sad too, because my mother keep on calling me to slaughter the cocks. There are 4 cocks and 3 hens in the cage, so my mother wants me to slaughter 3 of the cocks. I don't want to slaughter them but she keep on "paksa" me to slaughter them. I rear them from 10th January until now. I know they are big now but I don't want too slaughter them lar.......... Anybody can tell me the way to stop my mother from wanting to slaughter them??? T.T

These are the pictures of the cocks:

This cock is mine. It bite me before 1 time and it so painful. T_T

This cock is my eldest sister's one. It can bite people. I've been biten for many times already. Ouch! It is so painful lo!!! T_T

This cock is my daddy's one.

This cock is my aunt's dog bite one. It's quite fierce but it fears human.